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Social Media – Half Credit

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This course won’t teach you how to use Facebook, the proper way to use a hashtag, or how to get more Instagram followers. (We trust that you’re an expert on all those things already.) What this course will teach you is that the world of Social Media revolves around you – your actions, your decisions, and your interests.

You will examine how Social Media has evolved. You will understand how you can find authenticity and truth within an online world where you can “be” anyone. And you will learn how your digital footprint makes a bigger impression than your physical one. You will also discover that your voice is important.

You’re not only a reader – you’re a writer. You don’t just follow the news – you report it as a citizen journalist. And you don’t just gather information – you crowdsource it. The future of Social Media is yours to define…so how will you use it to make a difference?


Note: This course provides elective credit only.


Estimated Completion Time: 1 segment

Pre-Requisites: N/A


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