Music of the World

Music of the World – Per Enrollment

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Music of the World

Pre-Requisites: None

Credits: 1.0

Estimated Completion Time: 2 segments


Music is part of students’ everyday life. In this course, they learn how to understand the impact of music as well as how it represents the culture it was created within and reflects the spirit of the human condition.

Students learn to know and understand music by being able to distinguish and identify cultures on both local and global levels. Students meet musicians and composers and learn how their music continues to influence what is listened to today.

In this course, students gain a historical perspective of music, covering a variety of styles and developments from the Middle Ages through the 21st century.

In their musical journey, students acquire basic understanding and knowledge of singing, listening, and playing instruments. Partnering those skills with an understanding of music composition and improvisation will make future music experiences more informed and satisfying.


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