French 1 – 0.5 Credit hour

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French 1 – 0.5 Credit hour

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French 1

Credits: 0.5 (per segment)

Pre-Requisites: None


Bienvenue! Welcome! Come and join various native French speakers as they give students a lively introduction to the language and its rich culture. Join them in their everyday environment as they take students through different daily scenarios and give them the necessary skills to read, write, and speak.

In this course, students learn the basic French language. After one semester, students will be able to engage in conversation including greeting people, introducing themselves, and exchanging basic information with others.

Students learn to count from one to 1,000 and make simple sentences in both spoken and written. Students continue to develop their skills in semester two.

New words and phrases are introduced with pictures, audio clips, and examples. Students learn basic grammar to help them build fluency and understand the structure of the French language.

Students have many opportunities to practice what they learn through interactive practice activities in the form of games, written practice, and listening and speaking exercises.



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