Creative Photography

Creative Photography – 1 Credit hour

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Creative Photography – 1 Credit hour

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Creative Photography – 1 Credit hour

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We see photographs every day in varied contexts—television, Internet, magazines, and newspapers. How do we know what makes a great photograph? How did the artist capture one moment? How did the artist present a visual story? How does the viewer understand the artist’s intent? How does an artist know how to take a great picture?

How do photographs become art, billboards, advertisements, or a purchased commodity?

In this course, students learn and apply fundamental skills to use a camera. In addition, the course teaches students to understand the evolution of the camera and photography from a means of documentation to a recognized high art form, use creative approaches to develop a photographic portfolio, examine photographic specialty areas and product photography, and understand and apply the role of the critic when analyzing photographs.

As students work through each module, they use Web 2.0 tools to gain knowledge of the principles and elements of design, build photographic skills, and create their own portfolios of photographs with a diverse subject base.

Note: This course can be used to meet a performing/fine arts requirement for high school graduation


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