AP Microeconomics

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AP Microeconomics

Pre-Requisites: None. Students will be exposed to a college-level learning experience.

Credits: 0.5

Estimated Completion Time: 1 segment


Students must take the Advanced Placement Exam in order to receive Advanced Placement credit. Students who do not take the AP® Exam will be awarded Honors level credit.

You traveled to the Macro Islands to assist the leader in winning re-election. You came for a job, but you realized as you were working that you loved the islands and wanted to make your home there.

Because you are adept at giving economic advice to the leader, you have been appointed as the new President of the Sunny Seas Shell Company.

As part of your role in assuming the leadership duties of the company, you will need to brush up on microeconomics. The Board of Directors has appointed Ms.

Equilibrium to act as your personal assistant and advisor as you transition into your new role. You will be learning all you can about microeconomics and will be required to exhibit your knowledge in May at the annual Board of Directors’ meeting (the AP Exam).

This course meets the Economics high school graduation requirement.


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